The Resonars

The Resonars

Tucson, Arizona
Matt Rendon Guitars/Bass/Drums/Vocals
Greatest Songs Of... LP

Many people may not realize, but Tuscon native Matt Rendon has been making some of the world’s greatest pop music since 1997, having released 6 full-length albums & three singles under the moniker The Resonars. The “band” started as an actual band, but after members came & went, Rendon decided to soldier on & just play everything his own damn self & this 14-song compilation gathers together some of Rendon’s greatest compositions from the opening guitar scree & wall of vocal harmonies of “Definitely Crescent Ridge”, to the cascading guitar jangle of “Marina”, all the way to the winsome chords of “Paint My Window Green”. Hits. All of ‘em.

This LP collects tracks from the s/t Star Time debut, thru the three Get Hip LPs (’Bright & Dark’, ’Lunar Kit’ & ‘Nonetheless Blue’), his Burger debut ‘Evil Drone’ & two tunes from his recent Trouble In Mind 4-song 7” EP. Trust us - this one was a hard one to compile - The Resonars’ songbook is front-to-back hits, but we feel like we’ve done ‘em justice, conspiring with Rendon to succinctly crystallize the genius of The Resonars into one quickly accesible package. We personally feel that the man is a pop genius, and think that after one spin of this album - you will too. “The Greatest Songs of The Resonars” is a one-time, LP-only pressing of 1000 copies on randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code.

RIYL: The Who, The Move, Hollies, King Tuff, Big Star, Gentleman Jesse

1. Definitely Crescent Ridge
2. Marina
3. If He’s So Great
4. A Slice Of Today
5. Under Garden
6. Flood Lamp Eyes
7. Lunar Kit
8. She’s In Love With Her
9. Sinking Is Slow
10. World Apart
11. No Black Clouds Float By
12. Black Breath
13. Long Long Thoughts
14. Paint My Window Green
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Lunar Kit
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Long Long Thoughts EP

Is it possible that the energy and genius created by the entire membership of The Hollies, The Move and The Who could be embodied in one guy living in Arizona? You just might start to believe it after giving this 7-inch a spin. Matt Rendon is the one man hit machine behind the Resonars, writing & recording every instrument & singing every note all by his lonesome. This 4-song EP (and the third installment in our "Solo Series") represents his first collection of new material in almost three years, after releases on Get Hip, Star Time & Burger Records, focusing his paisley-tinted vision with one ear in the past & his eyes on the future. These tracks hit the sweet-spot between the bittersweet harmonies you love about "Evolution" era Allan Clarke and Graham Nash with the triumphant guitar and off-the-chain drum fills of a "Who Sell Out"-era Pete Townshend and Keith Moon. You’ll be hooked from the first La’s of "Long Long Thoughts" till the last faded notes of "Stumbling On Stones." HOO BOY, you’re going to need a new needle after you get through with this one - sorry ‘bout that.

RIYL: The Hollies, The Who, The Move, Teenage Fanclub

1. Long Long Thoughts
2. Sit Right Down
3. Paint My Window Green
4. Stumbling On Stones
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Long Long Thoughts
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