Jeffrey Novak

Jeffrey Novak

Henderson, Tennessee
Jeffrey Bass/Guitar/Piano/Organ/Drums/Vocals
Lemon Kid LP/CD

If there’s one thing you need to remember about Nashville-ian Jeffrey Novak is that he never stops. Like... never. Between his main band Cheap Time’s relentless touring schedule & recording (they probably have a new album out by the time you read this), he somehow finds the time to record solo material under his own name. His debut solo effort, “After The Ball” came out of nowhere - self released on his own Sonic Assault Records in 2009 to very little fanfare, it showcased a very different side of Novak. Gone were his blown-out, trashy Reatards/Oblivians/Persuaders worship, replaced with a sincere understanding of the maudlin melodies & pop music from the Early Seventies inspired by the likes of Ray Davies, John Cale, Brian Eno & the pervy balladry of Kevin Ayers.

“Lemon Kid” is undoubtedly his most focused solo work to date, distilling all that came before into one succinct & engaging listen. Guitars squeal & synths unravel from song to song, with Novak pushing the envelope of what in takes to create music in a pop setting, teasing sonic boundaries while retaining what makes a song great - the hooks. The first edition of “Lemon Kid” is pressed on 150gm randomly-mixed vinyl, includes a download code & is housed in a full-color, tip-on sleeve.

RIYL: Kevin Ayers, Brian Eno, Ty Segall, Van Der Generator, Jay Reatard

1. Back At The Bottom
1. Endless Repetition
2. String Around The Waistband
3. Night For Day
4. Unfinished Memory
5. Heritage Towers
6. German Orange
7. Losing Charm
8. Pictures On A Screen
9. Lemon Kid
10. Now And Forever
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Pictures On A Screen
LP $12 CD $8
4-Song Solo EP

The second installment in our brand new SOLO SERIES! Jeffrey Novak is one busy dude. Since his teen years, he's been writing, recording & releasing music as a one-man band, with his groups the Rat Traps & Cheap Time, and under his own name as a solo artist. We've always thought Jeffrey was one talented fella, so we're pleased as punch to be releasing this 4-songer! Culled from sessions that were to be his third solo album (the second due out in April 2011 on In The Red), this EP finds Novak sharpening his focus, exploring & expanding on territories he touched on in his first self-released solo outing 'After The Ball' - Kinks-ian maudlin, John Cale-ish ballads, & the glammy flourishes that peppered Eno's first couple of solo records all mixed into four songs of regret, loss, & disappointment. The first press of this EP comes on randomly mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.

1. Back At The Bottom
2. The World of Peter Brown
3. Looking Down At You
4. Remember All the Expectations
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Back At The Bottom
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