Jacco Gardner

Jacco Gardner

Hoorn, Netherlands
Jacco Gardner Guitar, Bass, Drums, Harpsichord, Percussion, Keyboards
The End Of August / Notus

2013 has been the year of Jacco Gardner. After taking Europe and the USA by storm and releasing two killer singles and his critically acclaimed full-length album "Cabinet of Curiosities", Gardner returns with two new, exclusive tracks for Trouble in Mind.

Recorded at his own Shadow Shoppe Studios in Zwaag, Netherlands, Gardner has again employed the drum skills of Jos van Tol, but plays all other instruments himself. "The End Of August" begins with a gentle, lilting guitar strum and bubbling mellotron, before kicking into a subtle, driving chorus that perfectly captures the ennui one feels as summer ends and fall begins. "Notus" resides on the flip side -- a loping, lysergic instrumental that pitches a tent in between the works of Perrey-Kingsley and Stereolab, while flirting with a slightly progressive song structure, moving beyond the Syd Barret-influenced baroque-pop of earlier works. This single is pressed on black vinyl, comes housed in the new Trouble in Mind company sleeve and includes a download. The perfect single to usher in Autumn!

RIYL: Stereolab, Perrey-Kingsley, Free Design, Saggitarius, Curt Boettcher

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The End Of August
Cabinet Of Curiosities LP/CD

It's a hard realization to discover that the world may not be as magical and wondrous as you once believed, & reconciling ones loss of innocence and sense of naïveté is a theme that reoccurs often in art, music and literature. From 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to 'God Only Knows' the best articulations of lost youth can have a very visceral impact. The 12 tracks that make up the debut album "Cabinet of Curiosities" from Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Jacco Gardner deftly explore this territory in a far more accomplished and mature way than you would expect from a 24 year old, fulfilling the promises made by his first two singles.

Jacco's melodic palette colors music with a more U.K.-sensibility, where minor chords & plush harmonies brush up against strings, mellotrons, harpsichords & an occasional squeezebox. The overall feel is more Zombies than Left Banke and more Nirvana & Billy Nicholls than Beach Boys & Van Dyke Parks. The title track "Cabinet of Curiosities" is an instrumental reminiscent of the best of Curt Boettcher's projects like The Millennium and Sagittarius with its playful baroque arrangements. 'The One Eyed King' and 'Chameleon' delicately evokes a softly waning sunset melancholy while 'Puppets Dangling' slinks forward suggestively at first, unfolds into an expansive, string-soaked chorus, before winding back into a taut melodic denouement.

Recorded & engineered at his "Shadow Shoppe" Studio in Zwaag, The Netherlands, "Cabinet Of Curiosities" features Jacco playing every instrument (save the drums, deftly played by Jos van Tol) & was pre-mastered by Jan Audier - famed engineer of Dutch garage/psych heavies Q65, The Golden Earrings & The Motions on his vast array of authentic Sixties analog gear. The first Trouble In Mind edition of "Cabinet Of Curiosities" is pressed on randomly mixed 150gm vinyl, includes a full-color insert & download code.

RIYL: Syd Barrett, Zombies, Left Banke, Dungen, Tame Impala

1. Clear The Air
2. The One Eyed King
3. Puppets Dangling
4. Where Will You Go
5. Watching The Moon
6. Cabinet Of Curiosities
7. The Riddle
8. Lullaby
9. Help Me Out
10. Summer's Game
11. Chameleon
12. The Ballad Of Little Jane
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The Ballad Of Little Jane
Pre-Order LP $12 Pre-Order CD $8
Where Will You Go / Summer’s Game
Allow us to introduce the US debut of 24-year old Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner - prepare to have your minds blown. After releasing a criminally limited 7-inch in Europe earlier in 2012, Gardner returns with a brand-new, double dose of hits for Trouble In Mind. "Where Will You Go"s opening guitar strums fade into view before lurching into a dreamy baroque-pop groover, with lush melodies cascading over a driving drum beat, conjuring images of Syd jamming with Revolver-era Beatles. "Summer's Game" chimes in with Jacco crooning like a young Colin Blunstone over a lilting harpsichord that unfolds into a heavenly psychedelic pop gem- shimmering right there on your turntable. Mining the past can be tricky business, but Gardner maneuvers his way around the trappings by not simply aping his influences, but by creating a unique & stirring new voice in modern psychedelic pop music. Jacco Gardner's sophomore release & debut for the label! The "Where Will You Go" single was limited to 500 copies & is now OOP! Both songs will appear on his debut album "Cabinet Of Curiosities" - out Feb 2013 on Trouble In Mind!
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Where Will You Go
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