Chicago, Illinois
Vulture LP/CD

What a year it’s been for the four ladies & one gentleman in Chicago band Hollows - after releasing their Trouble In Mind debut (the "Bobby Blueheart" single) in late 2010, the quintet has played a score of shows (including a hi-profile gig in Millennium Park, performing to approximately 10,000 people), & honed their singular sound into a razor-sharp musical talon! Hollows have taken the girl-group influence of their debut album and time warped 20 years, creating a sound that has more in common with Kate Bush than Ronnie Spector and more Go-Go’s than Shangri-La’s. Their sophmore effort "Vulture" finds them mining more sophisticated & nuanced sonic territories - the opening track "V is for Vulture" sets the tone for the album, with its yearning throb that swells into a (literal) symphony of bittersweet horns & strings, and "Ma Cat" is a somber ode to a lady trucker, with vocalist/organist Maria Jenkins cooing o‘er it’s soothing melody.

It doesn’t end there; "Field Fire On Jordan Street" bops along like Nikki & the Corvettes, "Shapeshifter" boasts a Caribbean rhythm that would make Belafonte blush, & "Up & Down" careens toward oblivion with crashing drums & swelling organ trills. The first edition LP of 500 copies comes pressed on 150gm randomly mixed vinyl & includes a download code.

1. V Is For Vulture
2. Strange Effect
3. Sunset Lullaby
4. Field Fire On Jordan Street
5. Oh Why
6. Golden Chain
7. Rather See Me Dead
8. Big Decisions (Country Song)
9. Shapeshifter
10. Bobby Blueheart
11. Up & Down
12. Ma Cat
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V Is For Vulture
LP $12 CD $8
Bobby Blueheart / Walkaway
First single from these Chicago girl-group garage-punkers. Hollows sound like no-one else right now; a swirling mix of girl-group harmonies & melodrama, post-punk throb, psychedelic garage snarl, & punk energy. "Bobby Blueheart" is their yearning ode to a fictional despondent crooner, while "Walkaway" is a plea to a lost love. After releasing an amazing debut LP straight out of the gate last year (available on Addenda Records), these girls (and guy) are poised to take over the Chicago DIY punk & garage scene! The single comes housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.
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Bobby Blueheart